WANG Shaowu, a professor of viola of Central Conservatory of Music and instructor of graduate students, is the Vice-principal in the CCOM Middle School, DAAD scholarship winner in Germany, doctorate of highest performance from the Konzertexamen “Music Master Class” of the Hochschule für Musik Köln. After graduation in honors from the Central Conservatory of Music, Wang remained on the school staff in 1996. He studied with Prof. SUI Keqiang. With rewarding the scholarship from the DAAD, Wang went to Germany to study with the famous violist Mathias Buchholz at the German Hochschule für Musik Köln in 2002. During his study violin, he got instruction from ZHAO Yiyong, BAI Dianfu, LIU Aihua and ZHANG Minxuan.

As a young professor, Wang has already received many awards. He received “the Outstanding Young Teachers Award” issued by the Education Committee of Beijing, and has been selected into the “Project of the New Century Excellent Talents” of the Ministry of Education and Beijing vocational education master plan. He has published chamber music annotation scores of “Ravel String Quartet”, “Debussy String Quartet” and “Sevcik Bow Exercise”, and The first Viola teaching DVD《41 Campagnoli Caprice》.

Together with other young fellow teachers, WANG once set up “Beijing Quartet” and the “Central Music Quartet”, which had provided a great of opportunities for himself to cooperate with many world famous quartet and string masters, such as Borodin string Quartet、Koday string Quartet、Amadeus string Quartet、Isaac Stern、YoYo Ma, Nobuko Imai、Mathias Buchholz、Hariolf Schlichtig、Wolfram Christetc.

WANG also has had over 80 prize-winning students in most of the international and domestic competitions. Most of the awards have achieved a historic breakthrough for Chinese viola players in the world, including the first prize of Viola the 67th German ARD International Music Competition in 2018, the first prize of Primrose international viola competition in 2014, the first prize of the 52nd Markneukirchen international viola competition, the 2nd prize of Irving M. Klein international strings competition, the first prize of Max Rostal international viola competition in 2015, the first prize of Brahms international viola competition in Austria in 2012 and 2015, the first and third of young musicians of American viola association in 2012, the first of Llanes international viola competition in 2008 and 2012, also the ARD International Music in Munich, Germany in 2008, his students got the third. The students he trained have served as the chief of famous foreign orchestras, such as Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Opera House, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Banberg Symphony Orchestra, Indiana Symphony Orchestra, etc.