More About Aspen Clarinet Quartet

The Aspen cuartet is formed by students from the Conservatorio Superior de

Música de Aragón, where they are developing their musical carrier with Paco

García García and Ona Cardona Curcó.

The members of the cuartet have received masterclasses with Joan Enric

Lluna (teacher in the Trinity Colege (London) and in the ESMUC on

Barcelona), Andrea Sunden (clarinet of the Swedish Radio Sinfonic

Orchestra), Juán Ferrer Cerveró (clarinet soloist in the Sinfonic Orchestra of

Galicia), Ildefonso Moreno (clarinetist on the Sinfonic Orchestra of Madrid

and colaborator with the Teatro Real), Lorenzo Cópola (historic clarinet

teacher in the ESMUC) Eduardo Raimundo(clarinet and bass clarinet in the

National Ochestra of Spain).

Right now they are participating in young spanish orchestal proyects like the

OJSG (Youth Sinfonic Orchestra of Galicia) and the JOSCAN (Youth SInfonic

Orchestra of Cantabria). They have being playing in other chamber music as

“Dizzyness Jazz Quintet”, that has performed in several public events located

in Zaragoza like: International Jazz day in Zaragoza or the Goya´s 2016.

They have also participated on the “Santa Cruz´s clarient ensemble” proyect

that was created to introduce young clarinetist to bigger chamber music