Social Centers

Collaboration and coordination with social centers are done with the utmost respect for the activities and features of the center. The role of social centers in Musethica is fundamental since they contribute to the local network for the project. People from social centers are our source of inspiration and constant improvement. Their contributions allow us to exchange experiences and innovate together in the teaching of music as a universal language.

The selection criteria for the social centers are involvement in the local community and the development of activities of general interest and not exclusives. Special attention is paid to those whose centers which activity is directed at groups facing exclusion or who are at risk of exclusion. They also have to be non-profit entities or public institutions.

Concerts in social centers represent 85% of Musethica’s concerts, while the rest is open to the general public in concert halls or other public places. The duration of the Musethica concerts in social centers is between 45-60 minutes. Musethica concerts in traditional concert halls are of usual duration. Social centers are involved in making decisions about selecting particular groups, places, and moments of development of the activity.

In the social sphere, we will begin a process of meetings for exchanging views with leaders of social centers, through which it will be determined how best to integrate the regular Musethica concerts into the centers’ activities so that these are fully integrated into the programming of the centers. This will promote the beneficial effect of the integration of classical music in their day-to-day routines.

Social center-Musethica partnerships

If your social center is interested in collaborating with Musethica in your country, please contact with:

General contact