How to Apply

Musethica participants are young talented musicians. The selection criteria for involving in Musethica activities are based on technical and interpretive quality. The participants are chosen by members of the International Artistic Committee.

Application for Musethica Sessions and Festivals 2020               

We are happy to invite instrumentalists (violin, viola, cello) and formed string quartets to apply for the upcoming international Musethica Sessions and Festivals 2020.

Musethica is a performance program for advanced musicians, born from the idea that performing regularly in front of an audience is a crucial step towards mastering the art of performing.

Musethicas sessions consist of master classes, daily concerts for different audiences, as well as the unique opportunity to perform alongside Musethicas tutors.

Among the tutors in 2020 will be Alexander Pavlovsky, Zvi Plesser, Anna Maria Staśkiewicz, Heime Müller, Alena Baeva, Alexander Rudin, Avri Levitan, Johannes Meissl, Fernando Arias, Eckard Runge, Ulf Wallin, Agnès Sulem, Beatrice Muthelet and many more.

The selected musicians and groups will get the opportunity to take part in one or more sessions and/or festivals. The musicians will get a full scholarship covering their tuition fee. In most festivals accommodation and meals are also covered.

The activities of 2020 include international festivals and weeklong sessions in Musethicas different member countries.

25.01. – 01.02.2020      Musethica Session in Berlin, Germany

06.02. – 13.02.2020      Musethica Session, Israel

07.03. – 14.03.2020      Musethica Session in Zaragoza, Spain

11.04. – 17.04.2020      Musethca Session in Zaragoza, Spain

30.04. – 07.05.2020      Musethica Session, Israel

05.06. – 13.06.2020      Musethica – International Chamber Music Festival in Zaragoza, Spain 

14.06. – 21.06.2020      Musethica Session in Berlin, Germany

18.06. – 25.06.2020      Musethica Session, Israel

23.07. – 30.07.2020      Musethica Session, Israel

28.07. – 02.08.2020      Musethica at Korsholm Music Festival, Finland

28.08. – 06.09.2020      Musethica – International Chamber Music Festival in Berlin, Germany 

03.09. – 10.09.2020      Musethica Session, Israel

27.09. – 04.10.2020      Musethica Session in Bourg-en-Bresse, France

15.10. – 24.10.2020      Musethica – International Chamber Music Festival, Israel

17.10 – 25.10.2020       Musethica Session in Berlin, Germany

14.11. – 22.11.2020      Musethica Session in Berlin, Germany

23.12. – 30.12.2020      Musethica Session, Israel

There will be more sessions in China, Sweden, Austria, Poland and Holland (dates to be announced)


Please submit your application here:

Application form for individuals

Application form for ensembles


Application deadline: 15.11.2019   Notification of results will be announced Dec19/Jan20

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact: