Gerhard Quartet 22.03.2016-25.03.2016, Berlin

Widely considered as one of the most exciting young string quartets in Europe, the Quartet Gerhard (Catalonia 2010) is distinguished for a remarkable sensitivity for the sound and an inner respect for music as the highest link between human beings.

Formed by Lluís Castán Cochs (vigerhard quartetolin), Judit Bardolet Vilaró (violin), Miquel Jordá Saún (viola) and Jesús Miralles Roger (cello), Gerhard Quartet is prize-winner in all major chamber music competitions in Spain (First Prize in the Primer Palau in Barcelona, Concurso Permanente Jeunesses Musicales Spain), and finalist in the ICMC Hamburg in 2012. In 2011 they received the “Most Convincing Ensemble” prize, awarded by Jeunesses Musicales Germany at the International Chamber Music Campus at Schloss Weikersheim.

After their studies in Basel with Prof. Rainer Schmidt, they are currently under the guidance of Prof. Eberhard Feltz in Berlin. They have also worked with greatest teachers, such as Ferenc Rados, András Keller, Gerhard Schulz, Valentin Erben, Heime Müller, Oliver Wille and András Schiff.




Concerts in social Centers

  • 25.03.2016
    Spastikerhilfe, Wohnbereich Region Nord-West
  • 24.03.2016
    Stiftung SPI “Arche” – Therapeutische Wohngemeinschaft
    Stiftung SPI, Sewan-Kaufwaus
  • 23.03.2016
    Kiek in – soziale Dienste gGmbH
  • 22.03.2016
    Nordberliner Werkgemeinschaft gGmbH, Förderbereich 4
    Seniorenresidenz Bürgerpark GmbH “Haus Pankow”