Musethicas method is implemented through collaborations with both social and musical institutions. The Musethica program is already an important part of many social institutions’ weekly activities, as well as a part of the academic activities within many music academies, festivals and courses. Another aspect of Musethica is collaborating with researchers, investigating the impact of the concerts on both the public and the musicians. Below is a list of institutions Musethica has collaborated with.


Social Institutions

The following types of social institutions are Musethicas main concert halls. (Musethica is working with hundreds of institutions, for a detailed list please visit the countries’ local website).


  • Oncology Unit (Chemotherapy room)
  • Palliative Care Units
  • Psychiatrical hospitals for children and adults
  • Locked psychiatrical facilities
  • Geriatric care
  • Dermatology ward
  • Cardiology ward
  • Rehabilitation
  • Neurology ward

Schools and Pre-schools

  • Junior schools and high schools
  • Pre-schools
  • Special education for children of all ages with all kind physical and/or mental disabilities
  • Higher education institutes
  • students of pedagogics

Special needs

  • Day centers for adults with mental and/or physical disabilities
  • Factories and workshops


  • Men prisons
  • Women prisons
  • Juvenile Prisons



Elderly Care

  • All kinds of homes for elderly
  • Group homes
  • Dementia units
  • Hospices

Social enterprises


Women Shelters

  • Protected apartments for women
  • Women day centers
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